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Build and display your stories with Darwin Creator, for Macintosh and Windows. You can also display your stories on iOS devices using the Darwin Player for iPad and Darwin mPlayer for iPhone/iPod Touch.


To show Darwin stories to the general public you must purchase a licence or subscription for each exhibit you wish to show (subscriptions coming 2018) However, you can try a fully functional version of Darwin Creator for Macintosh and Windows for free. Without a licence the only differences are:

  • you cannot auto-run stories/exhibit
  • you cannot upload stories to display on iOS devices
  • a log-in reminder appears on-screen after two minutes and then again after four and six minutes, after which you must close the story/exhibit

You can currently purchase single year, single exhibition and perpetual licences for Darwin. You can also buy a mobile licence to e.g. install the same story (like a guided tour) on multiple mobile devices. For more information on costs and licences, please contact us here.


Getting other companies to build your exhibit


Design agencies, consultancies etc. are free to use Darwin to build and deploy exhibits for museums, galleries (and anyone else who requires it)  but please note that their clients must have a licence or subscription to show that work to the general public. e.g. if DigiSmith Ltd uses Darwin to create an exhibit for The Museum of Tea, then that Museum must have a valid Darwin licence.


For more information on costs and licences, please contact us here.

If you would like to know more, please contact us here...

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