Income generation using Darwin


You can generate £1000s for your museum or gallery by using Darwin for your mobile tours.

You will have complete control over the content and interaction  – no need to wait for third parties to implement updates or to charge you for new content and additional tours.

Darwin’s mobile licence is a single fixed cost per device, regardless of how many tours you sell. So the more you sell, the higher your profits!

Fixed costs, bigger profits

After your hardware costs and Darwin licences there are no other expenses. The Darwin licence is single payment and not based on rentals – so the more often you rent your devices the more income you will make.

Keep control of your tours

Using Darwin you have complete control over your tours and can update and improve them whenever you want.

Flexible and scalable

Using Darwin’s mobile licence you can have as many tours as you wish. Want to test a new tour on 10 devices? It’s easy to develop-as-you-go with Darwin.

Connect with visitors

Darwin comes with built-in features to take selfies, create collages – and email them home. With simple but clear messaging, you can ask to keep visitor emails and keep a connection with them after they have left.

Income calculator

You can use this simple tool to estimate how much income you might generate using Darwin for your mobile tours.

Change the first three items and see the changes below.

It assumes:

You use an iPod Touch for the primary device; they currently cost £200 + VAT

You purchase an iPod charging rack for every 30 iPods, costing £1200 + VAT. (There’s a great example here.)

You spend an additional £5 per device on a simple case, lanyard and cheap reusable headphones. (You can also provide headphones to visitors for less than £2 each but they are not included in this costing.)

The Darwin mobile licence is a single payment of £120 per device.


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