What does Darwin do?

Plenty! Darwin is designed with museums and visitor attractions in mind and comes with many built-in features, some of which are below:


Add text, style it, colour it, make it scroll, even include hot links to other pages or popups


Easily add your images, scale and position them – and give them actions, linking to other pages


Autoplay, show and hide the controller, take users to another page on completion and more


Darwin has its own easy to configure audio player, perfect for oral history projects

Drag and drop

Quickly create drag and drop items, show and hide other elements based on user actions


Show Darwin a folder of images to easily create a single-page or scrolling gallery


Point Darwin at a folder of images and it will create a navigable slideshow for visitors

Image explorers

Allow users to explore huge images with optional popups containing text, images and buttons

Web pages

Embed a local or online site into your exhibit, instantly adding even more functionality

Image compare

Add two images and slide or dissolve between them, a great way to show changes over time

Camera & visitor image

On iOS devices allows visitors to take up to 9 photos, which you can integrate into any page (and create a collage they can email home)

Pinch and zoom

On iPads you can allow large images to pinch and zoom, adding more functionality to your user experience


A configurable on-screen keyboard allows users to enter e.g. their name, email address, comments etc.

Smart text

Show visitor variables on any page – this might be the user’s score, or their name, allowing high levels of personalisation


Rules and variables

Set one of Darwin’s visitor variables – e.g. for a user score – then show and hide elements based on rules e.g. ‘if score < 3

Customised content

Take your visitor’s name then display it – and any other custom content – in any page you wish.


Create a set of simple pages then tell Darwin they are your timeout sequence – it’s as simple as that. You can also tell Darwin to simply go to any page on timeout (like a home page)

Appearance FX

Fly, bounce, fade and grow on-screen objects to give your exhibit a polished and bespoke feel.

Graphic effects

Set opacity, colour and add a variety of shadow effects to any on-screen element

Surveys and visitor data

Ask your visitors questions and (optionally) store the results for later retrieval.


On iOS devices allow your staff to print out photo collages and other large scale pages (like a user-created newspaper report) on any local wifi-printer

Animated GIFs

Select animated GIFs to run on any page (but use with caution – they can be very annoying!)

Any screen size

Darwin runs in both portrait and landscape aspect ratios, giving you even more flexibility


Set a passcode for each digital exhibit to prevent visitors from quitting it; additional layers of security prevent visitors from accessing your in-gallery computer

With Darwin we have created a wide range of digital tours and exhibits.  It is at the heart of our digital offering.

Anna Bright

Director, Shire Hall Historic Courthouse

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