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What is Darwin?

Darwin is our unique platform for easily building touchscreen digital exhibits, mobile apps and digital signage for museums, galleries and other public facing organisations.

Darwin runs on Windows, Macintosh, and iOS devices.

It’s easy, quick and incredible value for money!

No programming is required! Try it for free at no risk. 

And have a look at our demos and tutorials.

What can I make with Darwin?

Lots! Darwin is very flexible and can be used for many types of digital product, including:

Learning & education apps


Touchscreen kiosks


Audio tours


Digital signage


Image archives




What does Darwin do?

Plenty! Darwin is designed with museums and visitor attractions in mind and comes with many built-in features, like:

  • Text and hot text
  • Images, buttons and hotspots
  • Audio and video players
  • Image comparers
  • Full page galleries
  • Slideshows
  • Image explorers
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Easy drag and drop
  • Camera view and visitor image (iOS)
  • Visitor input
  • User-customised pages
  • ‘Rules’ for element display
  • In-gallery security
  • Easy timeout options

How easy is Darwin to use?

Very! If you can use PowerpointTM or KeynoteTM then Darwin will be pretty straightforward. Create pages and popups, add content and links between them – from a simple interactive to a complicated iPad tour, it’s all possible with Darwin.

How does it all work?

Creating your digital exhibits with Darwin is a simple, repeatable process.

Create and edit

Design, prototype and build your new digital exhibit or app using Darwin Creator, which runs on PC or Mac.

If you can build a slideshow, you can use Darwin.

Export and upload

Export your exhibit to a USB key, ready to install on your in-gallery computer – or upload to our temporary online storage

Install and run

Copy your exhibit to a public-facing Mac, PC or download to an iOS device running the Darwin Player app. It’s quick and easy – then you set Darwin to auto-play and reveal it to the public!

See some case studies >


Change or update

Change your exhibit – from minor amends to entirely new content and design – as many times as you wish. The more times you use Darwin the better value it is. Your only limit is the number of exhibits you can show at any one time; each licence allows one exhibit.

How can I get Darwin?

You can try a fully working version of Darwin by using the links below. (Without a licence you will be unable to auto run or upload stories) You can also click here to see more options.

With Darwin we have created a wide range of digital tours and exhibits.  It is at the heart of our digital offering.

Anna Bright

Director, Shire Hall Historic Courthouse

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