Welcome to Inside the Magic!


Inside the Magic is a brand new iPad app developed by Digital Opportunities and Vivid Digital in conjunction with the Theatre Royal Brighton (TRB). It complements and enhances theatre tours, providing additional content, fun characters, insights and interactions. It also handles what we might call the ‘theatre expertise’, so that staff without a great deal of theatre knowledge can effectively run tours.


The project came about as a part of a funding round from Brighton and Hove Council, which looked to help projects aimed at children and adults with special needs. We all felt that an iPad app would be an ideal complement not only to existing ‘familiarisation tours’ (see below) but also the full Front of House and Backstage tours that the Theatre runs.

After a set of successful user testing sessions with students from local schools (including St Johns Specialist School in Brighton) it became clear that the app should be structured around a number of virtual ‘locations’ in and around the theatre containing information, popups, videos – and a set of exciting features.

The app contains the following tours:


‘Familiarisation’ tour

This tour is for those potential visitors who are worried or anxious about a trip to TRB e.g. children or adults on the autistic spectrum and others. This tour takes them through the process of visiting the theatre, including what to expect, see and hear before, during and after a performance. This familiarises them with it, without them first having to attend the theatre when it is full of visitors, and bursting with potentially upsetting sights and sounds. This focuses only on the ‘visible’ parts of the theatre and not behind the scenes locations.


Full tour

A full tour of the theatre (Front of House and backstage) including the stage door, orchestra pit etc, immersing visitors in the history of TRB and the theatre world in general. The app can be used by single visitors or – in our experience – groups of up to four.


Virtual tour

The app also helps in the theatre’s outreach programs; using the app visitors can virtually ‘walk’ between each tour location, ideal for visitors with limited access – or those unable to visit the theatre at all. Ever wanted to see what the Understage is like? Now you can!



For more information please contact:

Jackie Alexander (Theatre Royal, Brighton) on 01273 764415

Ian Smith (Digital Opportunities) on 07812 822594

Mick Landmann (Vivid Digital) on 07768 106910